Nice going, America.

March 2, 2007

Come on! Who is out there voting for Antonella Barba to stay on American Idol? She is absolutely atrocious.

On the plus side, it will become even more obvious just how far out of her league Antonella is, the judges (except for Paula) will be even tougher on her, and I think it will be a little bit brutal for them.

So at least I have that to look forward to.

Likewise Sanjaya – who’s voting for this cat? To be fair, no one was more surprised than he was that he was staying.  I mean, he’s likable enough, but he doesn’t belong there anymore. He knows that.

Here’s my theory: the people who are voting for Antonella are mostly boys aged 14-80. They are also voting for Sanjaya, reasoning that the longer he stays on the show, the better chances are that his sister will get some air time.

That’s all I can figure out.


3 Responses to “Nice going, America.”

  1. Ericha2 Says:

    The only reason Antonella is still on the show is that boys aged 14-80 are hoping the longer she stays, the more she’s going to need to prop up her self esteem when she does get cut. You know what that means, more T&A pics on the internet.

    Seriously, it’s a SINGING contest, people. So she flashed her tits on the internet that doesn’t make her the next Idol. Would it help if Lakisha flashed hers? She’s got more to flaunt.

  2. MakeOutKate Says:

    I think that Sanjaya has a whole bunch of nerdy computer geek/theater types (you know, the ones who ran the lightboard in high school) who have figured out how to flood the phone lines to vote for him. I mean, it’s all I can come up with.

    In other news, does anyone else think that Melinda Doolittle, god bless her, looks EXACTLY like the black female version of Gilbert Gottfried?? (In googling their names together, I found that, in fact, I am NOT the only AI viewer to make the connection…)

  3. V Says:

    here’s the answer to your question:

    while i am an AI addict, screaming at that metrosexual ryan seacrest when he said sanjaya was in the top twelve (still in denial), i have to admit that site has a good point…

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