Nice going, America.

March 2, 2007

Come on! Who is out there voting for Antonella Barba to stay on American Idol? She is absolutely atrocious.

On the plus side, it will become even more obvious just how far out of her league Antonella is, the judges (except for Paula) will be even tougher on her, and I think it will be a little bit brutal for them.

So at least I have that to look forward to.

Likewise Sanjaya – who’s voting for this cat? To be fair, no one was more surprised than he was that he was staying.  I mean, he’s likable enough, but he doesn’t belong there anymore. He knows that.

Here’s my theory: the people who are voting for Antonella are mostly boys aged 14-80. They are also voting for Sanjaya, reasoning that the longer he stays on the show, the better chances are that his sister will get some air time.

That’s all I can figure out.


Idol thoughts

February 21, 2007

I thought Philip Stacey had the best performance of the night.


I was already a fan of his – I thought he was great in Nosferatu.


(Just to clarify – I liked Phil, I thought he was the best singer of the night. But man, he’s got some batwings on the sides of his head.)

Is there anything to say about American Idol that hasn’t yet been said everywhere else on the blogosphere?

Let’s pretend there is.

Because I’m not going to do a recap every week or anything like that. You’re watching. You know.

However, I will offer a three points for overall consideration.

  1. These auditions are the most painful things I’ve ever watched on television. And yet, I keep watching them. Hello, tvcrack, I’ve missed you!
  2. The pre-Hollywood auditioning segments on American Idol are always painful, but this year they’re more of a Circus of Abomination than ever before.

    We know there will be bad singers who think they’re good, and we all enjoy indulging ourselves in their pain. And okay. If you really want to display for us the kind of complete CRAZY there is out there, we will watch.

    And we will watch all-too gleefully.

    But the sad truth of this season is that these televised auditions — meaning what we, as the American Viewers, have been privy to so far — seem more a search for the next William Hung than for the next great Idol. And it’s really annoying.

    The reason we love American Idol is because we love seeing talent. Talent! And we watch the auditions because we want to find our favorites early on and root for them to go all the way; we want to see our pre-season picks make it to the playoffs.

    Instead, over and over, we get 59 minutes of Ryan Seacrest whining about how abysmal the talent is…only to see the last-minute montage of the 15+ people who auditioned who are going to Hollywood.

    Where did THEY come from? What did THEY sing? Where were the cameras for THEM?

    Oh that’s right. The cameras were busy filming the 50-year old in a yellow feather cape intent on flashing her belly fat for her shot on tv.

    Fox has stooped to a new low on the class-less scale, which I didn’t think was possible, and I’m really ready to get on with the show.

    I bet you even Simon would agree.

  3. Simon may be acerbic, but he knows what he’s doing. Randy? Paula? Wha…?I am so sick and tired of hearing how mean or acerbic or bitchy Simon is. Simon is almost almost right, and his track record is pretty damn impressive. He is rarely (if ever) mean for the sake of being mean. He just calls ’em like he sees ’em.

    And while I will admit the “bush baby” thing was waaaaay out of line, mostly Simon just seems fed up with all the ridiculous people he’s being forced to watch, since the producers and he know full well they’re just doing it for shock value. It’s a waste of Simon’s time.

    Whereas Randy? Randy has gotten meaner, but his meanness is ill-timed and unnecessary. It seems like he’s being mean just to be mean. (Either that or to prove that his balls are just as big as Simon’s.) He’s not as smart as Simon, he’s not as articulate as Simon, and he shouldn’t try and BE Simon. “I dunno dawg…” is all we ever needed from him by way of critique. (Especially when he announces someone as pitchy who isn’t.)

    Paula. Um, yeah.

  4. Hmmm.