Amy is the genius behind this blog and its fantastic tagline. She is smart, cute, artistic, and not the one writing this impromptu bio. (Hi, Amy! Surprise!). And because she hasn’t realized I’ve put this here yet, I’m including the photo of her below.

No, it doesn’t really have anything to do with television.

I took this awesome, detailed photo when we were on vacation last November.
I call it, “Hey, wait up!”
(I am not so much ever going to try out for The Amazing Race.)


I (kiki, kristy, k, whatever) am delighted to be a part of this blog. I may not be as clever as Amy, but I do possess (self-proclaimed) brilliant insights into the many flaws of reality shows. Because if only they’d do them my way, they’d be so much better.

Note: There are other contributors, but I won’t write about them until they’ve actually gone and posted something.


One Response to “Contributors”

  1. faville Says:

    Now we’re gonna have people begging to be contributors just so you’ll write something nice like that about them.

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